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Linford Sofas

Contemporary high back design is enhanced with gentle curves for modern living. generous fillings and plump pillows are perfect to snuggle into. Elegant cut velvets offer a hint of glamour and make for a perfect marriage of contemporary and comfort, with a look that is both soft and smart.
Available in both standard back or pillow back at the same price.

H: 43cm W: 66cm D: 66cm

 From = £239

Accent Chair
H: 87cm W: 84cm D: 92cm

 From = £490

Standard Chair
H: 96cm W: 117cm D: 104cm

 From = £559

2 Seater
H: 96cm W: 178cm D: 104cm

 From = £779

3 Seater
H: 96cm W: 216cm D: 104cm

 From = £839

4 Seater
H: 96cm W: 252cm D: 104cm

 From = £939

RH Corner
H: 96cm W: 292cm D: 226cm

 From = £1599
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