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Anastasia Sofas
A luxury look that won’t break the bank. Softly shimmering, lavish touch fabrics made for practical living and plump free seating that stays good looking for longer. Choose from a selection of sofa sizes and corner options to suit your lifestyle. Encore upgrade seats available. Solid wood feet available in a choice of colours.

Anastasia Spec Sheet

Small Stool dimensions
41cm x 64cm x 51cm
from £359

Loafer Stool dimensions
45cm x 104cm x 82cm
from £399

Standard Chair dimensions
86cm x 132cm x 106cm
from £659

Snuggler Chair dimensions
84cm x 171cm x 106m
from £759

2 Seater dimensions
86cm x 203cm x 106cm
from £849

3 Seater dimensions
86cm x 224cm x 106cm
from £889

4 Seater dimensions
86cm x 276cm x 106cm
from £959

1 corner 1 dimensions
86cm x 212cm x 212cm
from £1409

3 corner 1 dimensions
86cm x 290cm x 212cm
from £1709

3 corner 3 dimensions
86cm x 290cm x 290cm
from £1999
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