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Lampe Berger

We have been stockiest of Lampe Berger since 2009 and are delighted to offer these contemporary air purifiers for sale online.  We have a fantastic new selection arriving in store soon including a special in-car edition.

The first Lampe Berger lamp  was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards. In 1930 fragrance began to provide a pleasurable dimension; the taste for beautiful objects also reached its peak and the Lampe Berger lamp became a collector's item.  In 1996 the company became structured: a Research and Development department was created in order to continue to improve product performance. Since that date, innovations have been continuous and are systematically patented worldwide, in more than 20 countries.

Then came innovations concerning the exploration of materials like porcelain and a widening of the range to make Lampe Berger accessible to all. A new direction  was given at the beginning of the 1980s with a fruitful cooperation with designers, who conveyed a modern touch.

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Amethyst Bubble Lamp 2012 Limited Edition
Mothers Day Pack, presentation boxed
with Paris fragrance 180ml

Red Generous

Grey Corolla

Purple Capri

Feuille d`Argent
Each custom fragrance adds a unique dimension to any room, permeating the air with a luxurious and enchanting perfume; which in turn generates atmosphere, evokes memories and ultimately creates a sense of home.
The long-lasting Lampe Berger fragrances cleanse and purify the air by destroying odours. Just 20-30 minutes of use is enough to scent a room of 12 square metres, and the fragrance will then last about 2 hours.
We stock refills in 500ml and 1000ml, select your desired fragrance from the drop down list below

Fragrances 500ml

Fragrances 1000ml
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